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Why do women need SOI?

A handbag belongs to the "essentials" of every woman. For many it is an indispensable companion, an ever-present sanctuary for all those everyday items. As every self-respecting woman knows, these items grow in number until it becomes quite difficult to find objects, costing you valuable time. Bag lights with switches, or mini-key ring torches do not offer a great deal of help: by the time you have found and manually switched on these aids, the item you actually needed has probably long surfaced. High time for a truly illuminating solution! SOI – puts an end to standing in the dark.

SOI means saving time!

On average, women spend 76 days of their lives looking for things in their handbags. This is valuable time that SOI enables you to put to better use.

SOI – the topic of conversation

Trendsetters in our field – women's periodicals and fashion magazines – have heralded SOI as the fashion accessory to have. And the fact that the first stock of SOIs promptly sold out speaks volumes: women simply love this innovative product. The rounded shape boasting an elliptical cross-section represents a design of classic, elegant proportions, devoid of any frills. Shape and feel are reassuring to the touch and, once tried, you will wonder how you ever coped without SOI.

SOI is flexibly mobile!

Women have several handbags and often change their bag on a daily basis. SOI is small, slender, light and flexible, meaning that she fits in every handbag without fuss and can be switched between bags in an instant - no fastenings, no clips, no stress.


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