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How does SOI actually work?

SOI is switch-free, hands-free thanks to an adapted sensory technology. Determining factors in SOI´s sensitivity include speed, duration, size and distance of the approaching hand. Behavioural sciences and human motorics played a major role during SOI's development; this was important with regards to hand movements, general dexterity and the time that people needed to find items in their bags. The circuiting was programmed accordingly, meaning that the light turns itself off after an optimal time period. This greatly enhances SOI's efficiency, preventing unnecessary and wasteful prolonged periods of activity. SOI does not react to objects moving in a bag while being carried, or when your hand is too far away or moves erratically. Such movements are 'recognised' as being untypical for a person who is searching for an object. However wearing gloves in winter is very typical for women - but don't worry, SOI even works with gloves on. You will soon notice that SOI lights up the contents of your bag reliably, and timely without the need for you to even consciously think about it.

The function of SOI is shown in a short video on our homepage, see menu: Multimedia/Videos


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