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Where shall I dispose used batteries ?

Following the regulations of Batteriegesetz (BattG), we inform:

End-users shall not dispose used batteries in normal domestic waste, but are under a statutory duty to return waste batteries. Always dispose of used batteries in accordance with local environmental regulations. End-users may therefore dispose of used batteries at local point of sales or return SOI's used batteries free of charge to us (address see imprint). Please note that in case of sending back used Lithium batteries: insulate + and - poles e.g. with adhesive tape in order to avoid fire hazard.

Unallowed disposal of waste batteries will harm environment and human health by substances used in batteries. Therefore it is important to observe separate collection and recycling of waste batteries.

The sign above means that batteries shall not be disposed of with household waste. Pb: Battery contains Lead / Cd: battery contains Cadmium / Hg: battery contains Mercury.

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