Einen Moment bitte,
wir bringen Licht ins dunkel...

Since being launched SOI, the first automatic handbag light in the world, captivates women throughout the world.

Now that SOI has become a must-have accessory, consumers have been demanding an additional, innovative add-on function. Many SOI owners are constantly on the move, away on business trips or traveling privately, sleeping at hotels or staying over at a friend ́s place. The problem that arises is all too well known: in an unfamiliar place, finding the light switch can be more difficult than it sounds.

This is how SOI has proved her indispensability also outside of the handbag: on the bedside-cabinet. Here, SOI is your instant and reliable light source, no annoying switches to fumble for - SOI is your trusty companion, should you need her in the night.

In order to prevent SOI from sliding on smooth surfaces, we have developed a solution in the form of a non-slip, black, silicon ring – SOI. Base, the secure hold for your handbag light. Thanks to this, SOI can be placed conveniently wherever you wish, fitting in well with the functional SOI design.

SOI. Base is made from silicon and so any frictional movement is reduced to an absolute minimum; furthermore, SOI. BASE is insensitive to atmospheric conditions and is cleanable. Weighing less than 9 grams in total, SOI. BASE becomes a necessary companion of negligible weight in your travel bag.

Technical data:

Material: Silicon
Dimension: 50x7 mm
Weight: 8,6g